Signs It’s Time to Change Your House Locks

The first security measure a homeowner takes when they move into a house is either rekeying the existing locks or installing new locks. While most homes come with pre-installed locks and thus a rekey would be sufficient in updating the home’s security, others have older ones that would already require replacement or technological upgrades. However, there are various cases where it becomes critical to change your house’s locks. Here are three of the most common signs it’s time to change your house’s locks.

You Experienced a Break-In

A life-changing event can result in the need for significant changes. If you’ve experienced a house break-in, you may need to take steps that won’t pose a similar risk anymore. Break-ins can often increase the need to resort to better locks or other preventative door hardware that’ll  give you better control of your house’s entrypoints.

If you’ve experienced a burglary or a similar event recently, it’s your sign to call up a residential locksmith in Winnipeg and have your house’s locks upgraded to prevent future accidents. Remember to make duplicate keys for all home occupants to reduce the risk of home lockouts and deal with key misplacement efficiently without any hassle.

Your House Needs Better Security

Another sign your house’s locks need changing is when you know your house could benefit from better security. Older and weaker locks can easily compromise a house’s safety, even if you live in an area with lower crime rates. It’s always a good idea to choose the best security measures for your house regardless of the risk involved.

If you think your house needs better security, you can always reach out to a trustworthy residential locksmith who can inspect your house’s existing locks. They can provide the best solutions to enhance the property’s overall security and lock systems.

The Door Hardware Doesn’t Match Your Style

Sometimes the need for a lock change is more about the aesthetics than it’s about security. A significant interior design rule is cohesion and consistency, according to which the door hardware and locks you choose should be in line with the rest of the house’s themes.

If your door hardware looks out of place, it’s better to consider a lock change that’ll add sophistication and elegance to your house.

a key in a keyhole

You can now request a house lock change by choosing the residential locksmith services offered by our professionals at Lockmish Locksmith Services.

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