When Should You Change Your Home Locks

There’s nothing like the comfort of your home. But that comfort can vanish quickly if there’s a looming threat that someone might be able to get into your property. If your locks aren’t able to keep people out, you might be vulnerable to various external threats. Here are some scenarios where you might want lock change in Winnipeg:

When Moving Into A New Home

If you’re moving into a new home, even if it’s a brand-new property, it’s recommended that you get the locks changed. There’s no guarantee about how vigilant the previous owners or the developer were about security. Someone might have a copy of the keys to the current locks.

When Someone Moves Out Of Your Home

If someone that lived with you is moving out, you might want to take the keys that they used to access the property. Regardless of whether you believe that person might have ill intentions or not, you don’t want to risk those keys falling into the wrong hands. It’s best to upgrade the locks, so the vulnerability doesn’t exist.

New locks installed at a residential property.

When There’s Been A Break-In

The main scenario in which people opt for home security upgrades, in general, is after a break-in. If you keep the same old locks, it becomes easier for the people that broke in last time to come in for a second time. Not only can they use the same methods, but they might also use the same key that they previously had.

It’s a no-brainer to overhaul your locks after a break-in with stronger, reliable locks to keep miscreants away.

When You Lose A Key

It might sound like a hassle getting your locks replaced after you’ve lost a key, but think of who might have their hands on your keys. Someone might have easy access to your property and conveniently get in without making too much noise or causing damage. Don’t let that vulnerability stay for too long, and get the lock changed ASAP.

It’s recommended that you change your locks every seven years or so, as the environmental damage can cause the locks to become faulty and easy to break. Bump up home security with installations like Wifi keypad deadbolt , electric strikes, key duplication or car key replacement in Winnipeg. Get in touch with us at Lockmish Locksmith Winnipeg Services. We offer our 24 hour locksmith in Winnipeg.


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