How are Electric Strike Installations Increasing Security?

How advanced is the security of your building?

Ever wondered what stands between your space and potential security threats?

Today, when safety is of utmost importance, technology is constantly changing how we safeguard our residences, companies, and establishments. The use of electric strikes is becoming increasingly pivitol to business owners in the quest for improved security of their commercial spaces. This device not only facilitates  controlled access, but also lays the foundation for other advanced technology that can boost overall security for any entry point of your building.

As a vital component of contemporary security systems, they transform the way you protect your property by providing a failsafe, adaptable solution that keeps up with the requirements of the constant upgrade of the digital environment. As a matter of fact, it has ushered in an age of accurate, effective, and sophisticated supervision.

What are Electric Strikes?

Electric Strike

An electric strike is an advanced tool meant to take the place of a conventional mechanical door strike. In contrast to their standard counterparts, this device provides a flexible and adaptable method of access control. It offers flexibility in a range of security scenarios and functions primarily in two modes: fail-safe and fail-secure.

Top 3 Advantages that Reevaluate Security

Electric strikes are a game-changer in the security and access control space, providing an array of benefits that completely revamp how we protect our buildings. They have benefits that go beyond the scope of conventional locks.

Electric Strike Winnipeg

  1. Adaptive Access Control: Access control systems become even more versatile with the introduction of this device. These smart locks, in contrast to conventional locks, work in unison with modern security technologies like mobile access, biometrics, and key card systems. As a result, these devices effectively manage access permissions, guaranteeing that only those with permission can enter, and strengthening security measures.

  2. Easy Integration with Building Codes: Electric strikes are compliant with building codes and regulations while simultaneously enhancing security. These are made with adherence to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and the National Fire Code of Canada (NFC) in mind, which are a critical requirement. Property owners and facility managers can feel reassured knowing that security upgrades such as electric strikes meet national fire and safety standards.

  3. Improved Resistance to Forced Entry: The security of a place can be endangered by forced entry and interference with traditional locks. On the contrary, the device provides a stronger defense against unwanted entry attempts. Because of their strong construction and fail-safe or fail-secure modes, which provide an additional degree of security, it is increasingly difficult for hackers to undermine security. Facilities are kept safe even in the face of concerted efforts to compromise physical access points because of this increased level of resistance.

Electric strikes are a comprehensive security solution with positive benefits that go above simple access control. They are a fundamental component of contemporary security system architecture because of their adaptable nature, increased resistance to forced entry, and compliance with building codes. This guarantees that access is not only controlled but also wisely managed in a constantly changing security setting.

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