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Frequently Asked Questions

“Is it possible to change the keys without changing the lock?”

“Can you program this smart key?”

“Are there keypads that you can control from your phone?”

We come across many questions and problems, and are here to help answer them all!

Here’s the usual questions we’re asked by our customers when they are looking for locksmith services in Winnipeg.

Yes! Fresh installations allow for extra locks or hardware to be added to any existing door.

From a security standpoint, having the old keys to the home not work is a smart thing to do; however, changing out existing hardware isn’t always required as it’s a more expensive option.

A more cost-effective option is to rekey the existing lock(s), if you are ok with the aesthetics of the current lock(s).  The locksmith changes part of the interior cylinder of the lock so that old keys will no longer work, and provides the new home owner with 2 new keys.

Yes! Our technicians can copy, program, and produce & cut keys for lost-key situations.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Debit
  • E-transfers

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So, 95% of the time, locks do not get damaged or need to be broken when “breaking in”/ opening. However, 5% of the time, depending on the use of the lock, age, etc, a lock may need to be drilled to get into the house.  In those situations, we can provide & install a new lock upon the customer’s request.

Any measure taken to upgrade one’s security is a safe decision.  If you have a concern about your home or business’ safety/secureness, installing high security locks, which are more difficult to pick or break into, can appease worries of break-ins.

Yes! If the locks operate on the same keyway, the locksmith can rekey 2 of the locks to match the other key. If, however, one or more of the locks operate on a different keyway, the locksmith can change the hardware for those locks and rekey the new lock accordingly to match the other key.

Although convenient, the touch keypad locks you can get at big box stores are not more secure than a standard, key-operated lock.

A digital keypad lock is nothing more than a standard key operated lock with an added feature of convenience in the form of a touch pad, but it does allow for some more options for the consumer vs a standard lock such as automatic locking, one-time use codes, multiple codes (for house cleaners, babysitters, homecare workers, etc), to name a few.

One detail to look out for when purchasing a keypad lock is the maximum cold temperature it can handle, as Winnipeg hits -30 to -40 sometimes and many models of keypads can only handle up to -20/-25 and then the electronics do not work. This results in sometimes getting locked out in that freezing temperature if the specific keypad does not have a back up key option or if you don’t have that key with you.

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Eric MEric M
15:44 18 Mar 22
The staff at Lockmish were very friendly and were great at helping me out. I needed a key cut for my 2006 Honda CRV and they were very fast with their service
City PizzaCity Pizza
19:31 15 Mar 22
Reliable and quality service. He’s always there whenever we need help with anything related to his expertise round the clock. Affordable prices too.
ryan paul panaliganryan paul panaligan
20:16 07 Feb 22
Very nice workers. Finished the job quickly at good price. Definitely recommend to others!
Trevor CTrevor C
15:22 21 Jan 22
Amazing service. The two guys working there were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.Thanks for helping me out and going above and beyond all expectations. And the 🍒 on top was the price. They could've charged me an arm and a leg. But I walked out after purchasing a new set of locks for my house and they came out and installed them for a extremely fair price.( I live out in St Andrews and normally service calls are extremely pricey. And I literally live 15 minutes outside the Primitive right on Main Street and normally they try and Tack on a 40 or $50 charge for that 13 km)I know that this is longer than most of my posts but I believe companies that go above and beyond should be noted and commended for doing an honest job at a nice price.
Aldina PicancoAldina Picanco
20:13 27 Dec 21
I called because I locked my key in my running car and had to get my dog to emergency vet. I called and they were there within about 10 minutes on the day of a large snowstorm. Snow was about calf deep in my area.Within about 10 or 15 minutes of getting there, my car was unlocked.Professional, courteous and fast. Would recommend.Thank you.