5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Electric Strikes For Commercial Spaces

Keeping your business office premises secured is not just essential but of high necessity. Therefore, ensuring to choose the right lock is even more crucial. As you know, commercial locks tend to differ greatly from residential or standard locks as they require more durability and strength due to their higher usage.  Various commercial locks are designed to meet different and specific requirements of commercial buildings. One of the most vital differences is that the locks for commercial spaces mostly have keyless access and remote monitoring systems with upgraded security to prevent any safety issues.

Electric strikes are the smart gatekeepers that serve as impassive shields in a world where security is of the highest priority and ensuring restricted access.

Electric Strikes for Commercial Buildings: What Factors to Consider?

Selecting the appropriate electric strike is a vital choice that can greatly impact your building’s overall safety and access control in the ever-changing world of commercial security. Electric strikes are essential for improving security because they offer a regulated and effective way for individuals to enter. If you are considering such locks for your commercial space, make sure to consider the following factors before finalizing:

    1. Parameters for Security: Start by determining the level of security your business requires. Think about how much security is necessary at each point of entry. Standard options may be adequate in lower-risk areas, but heavy-duty strikes with advanced features may be necessary in high-security areas. Make sure your choice is appropriate by being aware of the unique access control challenges your building faces.


    1. Form of Door and Frame: When choosing the appropriate electric strike, it’s important to consider the nature of the door and frame in your business building. For best results, different strike designs may be needed for different doors (wooden, metal, glass), and frames. To ensure a reliable and secure fit, make sure the electric strike is compatible with the materials of the door and/or frame.


    1. Voltage and Power Supply: There are different voltage options for electric strikes. It’s important to match the power requirements of the strike with the electrical infrastructure in your building. Select a strike that is compatible with your system’s voltage capabilities while keeping in mind the accessibility of power sources. Investigate backup power options as well to keep stability during blackouts.

    2. Installation and Maintenance:Assess the various factors of set up and if maintenance would be needed. Select the strikes that suit your specific needs, and hire a professional commercial locksmith for installation. Long-term functionality depends on proper installation, so pick a professional with experience in electric strike installations.

    3. Budgetary Constraints: Although security is extremely essential, you should take your budget into account. Always consider the price with its features and capabilities. Budgetary constraints and security requirements must be balanced to provide a cost-effective solution without sacrificing safety.



A careful evaluation of the security requirements of door specifications, power requirements, operational modes, durability, integration capabilities, ease of installation, and cost limitations is necessary when selecting the best electric strike in Winnipeg for your commercial building. With this information, you can make an informed choice that improves the operation and overall safety of your business space.

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